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We are a husband and wife team who are here to provide you the best veterinary care. – We see horses in Gin Gin, Childers, Booyal, Biggenden, Isis, Goodnight Scrub, Wallaville, St Agnes, Horse Camp, Mt Perry and surrounding areas. We provide a full ambulatory service for both routine and emergency work. 

We are on call 24/7 – Emergency ambulatory vehicles are fully equipped to get to your emergency fast, as we know this time is a stressful experienceand immediate care gets you the best recovery results.

Emergency Care

We are equipped to deal with in field emergencies. We have the knowledge and the experience to help you. As a practice with a specialist veterinarian we have the unique ability to provide you with a service which other veterinarians cannot. We have decades of experience both in the field and in the hospital. Our knowledge is sought after and we give you all the care and information you need to make the best decisions. We are available 24/7 for all your emergency needs.

Equine Reproduction

Dr John Chopin is a world acclaimed Reproduction Specialist Veterinarian who is available for all reproduction services. These include ultrasounding mares and stallions, natural covering and artificial insemination using chilled & frozen semen (semen storage available), stallion collection and training, semen analysis & freezing, dealing with problem mares & stallions, embryo transfer.

We can manage your mare for the entirety of the pregnancy from conception to birth. Continued monitoring during each stage of pregnancy including twin management, foetal sexing, infection management and dealing with normal and difficult births.

Our specialist care does not finish with the delivery of your new baby. We can provide assessment and treatment of young foals, septic management, plasma therapy, fluids and around the clock nursing and feeding.

Equine Dentals


We are prochoice when it comes to vaccinations. We will see your horse if you choose not to vaccinate. We also keep abreast of the latest information and can fully inform you if you need to reassess your decision. Of course, vaccinations do not stop at Hendra Virus and there are other vaccinations that you should be aware of that can affect your horse’s health. Contact us and we can book you in for an appointment to see you and your horse so you can make an informed decision.

We offer discounted rates if combined with another service.


These can be done in the field or at our facility. Most castrations are routine surgeries although in some cases this may change according to age, breed and species (donkey). We have extensive experience in dealing with all sizes and ages when it comes to castration and can help you and your boy.


Microchips are used to improve identification of horses and are often combined with vaccinations. We offer a minimal stress approach to inserting the relatively large and potentially painful microchips.


We will see unvaccinated horses and we follow the guidelines which have been put together by Qld Health. All unvaccinated horses will be offered a Hendra Exclusion test.

The best treatment for colic is to seek immediate veterinary assistance. The causes of colic are multiple and varied and often need different forms of treatment. An accurate and early assessment will provide the best chance of achieving a quick and successful result. Although the intestines are often the cause for colic, it might not be related to the gut!

Pre-Purchase Examination

Are you thinking of purchasing your first horse, your next horse or just a spare? Talk to us about what fits your needs and budget.

Pre-purchase examinations are conducted in line with the guidelines set out by Equine Vets Australia. We recommend that when choosing to have a Pre-Purchase Examination done you should consider a minimum of a general health check, a lameness evaluation, an oral examination, and an ophthalmic examination.

The higher level of examinations are offered with radiographs, endoscopy and other examinations depending on requirements.


Trauma is a very common problem with horses and these require careful examination in order to provide the best result. In these very stressful situations, a cool head with years of experience will help you to make the right decision. Call us day or night to help with your trauma emergency.


We care about animals and when this time comes, we understand the pain involved.
Talk to us and we can help you with the afterlife options also.

Studbook Identification

We offer freeze branding in a safe manner to ensure you get the best result. Discounts for bulk brandings can be arranged. Contact us for more information.

Freeze Branding

Whether you breed Thoroughbreds or ponies, we can provide an identification/DNA service from our qualified and registered veterinarian.

Insurance Examination

Did you want to insure your precious friend? Do you know how to do this and what to do? Call us for more assistance with your insurance needs.

Health Care/Faecal Egg Counts

Preventative health programs are very important and becoming more so in a world of increasing resistance to antibiotics and wormers. We can provide a holistic approach to preventative care and assist you to make good decisions when it comes to the health of your horses.Preventative health programs are very important and becoming more so in a world of increasing resistance to antibiotics and wormers. We can provide a holistic approach to preventative care and assist you to make good decisions when it comes to the health of your horses.

Skin Problems

Skin problems are annoying and common. Having a detailed examination can provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment in order to reach a quick and cosmetic result.

Health problems

Many horses develop health issues that need diagnosis and management. We can provide assistance with your horse’s health issues including Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes) and Laminitis (Founder).


We have in-field and in-house laboratory services. We are able to assess inflammatory and infectious conditions in both adult and foals, horse side. We are also able to perform in-house laboratory for a range of analysis including faecal egg counts, progesterone testing and blood analysis.









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